Fundatie pentru protectia

Adopta un catel Fii voluntar Doneaza

Fundatia pentru protectia animalelor "COLT ALB" a fost creata in anul 1992, gratie initiativei si eforturilor regretatei Dr. Vet. Ruxandra Nicolescu, persoana de o inalta tinuta profesionala si morala care a militat de-a lungul intregii vieti pentru protectia animalelor si educarea populatiei in spiritul dragostei fata de acestea.

Sandy adopted in Germany

On August 12, 2014 by admin

She was thrown into the woods, with no mercy, just because she was pregnant …the day I found her, she jumped into my car, begging me to save her. I love you my little wonderful, clever gir, Sandy !10408059_645898128834391_7801871900670677321_n 10409056_645898208834383_3149482615530095786_n


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