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Fundatia pentru protectia animalelor "COLT ALB" a fost creata in anul 1992, gratie initiativei si eforturilor regretatei Dr. Vet. Ruxandra Nicolescu, persoana de o inalta tinuta profesionala si morala care a militat de-a lungul intregii vieti pentru protectia animalelor si educarea populatiei in spiritul dragostei fata de acestea.

Rody’s Odyssey !

On April 24, 2016 by admin

Mother Lucy gave birth in a deserted courtyard and learned her puppy, Rody to beg for food on the street. They lived there with daddy Sparky till some people have begun tu build a block there and threw them out…….no more place to hide from rain, snow, cars and dogcatchers….Fortunately, I was able to make room for them in shelter and so FORTUNATELY, Rody left the shelter for a better life in Germany with  Mandy Kischel   ! Thank you so much, Sabine Paust ! Thank you so much, Mandy Kischel and thanks a lot to all people involved in this wonderful story, my wonderful friends Steffi ThiemeAnita OvcarikCarola Grau !942232_1176185429059936_6204814764760378235_n 12987158_1176185422393270_3851781138602845499_n 12990891_1176185385726607_1491242894185896118_n 12998516_1176185509059928_7817239654113712697_n 13000234_1176185389059940_2352950027747572147_n 13010665_1176185439059935_8493358877840725778_n 13012807_1176185392393273_7216963330182630102_n 13015662_1176185515726594_3732382164496179936_n 13043508_1176184192393393_7424568594494608942_n 13051613_1176191969059282_4390142731480244480_n

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