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Fundatia pentru protectia animalelor "COLT ALB" a fost creata in anul 1992, gratie initiativei si eforturilor regretatei Dr. Vet. Ruxandra Nicolescu, persoana de o inalta tinuta profesionala si morala care a militat de-a lungul intregii vieti pentru protectia animalelor si educarea populatiei in spiritul dragostei fata de acestea.

31. 01. 2018

Winter at the shelter

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02. 05. 2017
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Spring in the shelter

It is spring again…maybe another year behaind bars for some of us, maybe the year of the happiness to come for some of us…..A shelter is not home and share is care, friends!...

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24. 04. 2016

Beautiful and healthy puppies for adoption

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15. 03. 2016

Ayla looking for adoption

Ayla, beautiful young lady, is looking for a HOME! Small size, castrated, very kind and loving  

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22. 12. 2015

Pitt was hit by a car and had a broken leg. Surgery was successful and now this young and lovely boy is looking for a home!

Only one year and a half old. Please, share Pitt for adoption, my friends!

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22. 12. 2015

Kidy, Lyla and Cesar for adoption

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22. 12. 2015
adopt dog

Beautiful family for adoption

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30. 08. 2015
adopt dog romania

Lizzie and Little Bear

For years in shelter and no one likes them…Lizzie is almost 3 y.o., very kind and loving, sterilized. L.B. (Little Bear) is young and funny! Please, share them for adoption!

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30. 08. 2015


Merlin, wonderful young dog, almost one y.o., needs someone to show him that not all the people are bad. He is very shy, afraid. ..

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30. 08. 2015

Still smiling

Still smiling. ..poor old Gogu, 14 y.o., spent all his life in shelter. Three leg boy needs now special food and medical care. Anybody to help him?

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