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Fundatia pentru protectia animalelor "COLT ALB" a fost creata in anul 1992, gratie initiativei si eforturilor regretatei Dr. Vet. Ruxandra Nicolescu, persoana de o inalta tinuta profesionala si morala care a militat de-a lungul intregii vieti pentru protectia animalelor si educarea populatiei in spiritul dragostei fata de acestea.

28. 09. 2016

Tommy adopted in Germany

Tommy….1 kg puppy thrown on the edge of the road to die in one frozen winter. Romania…. Look at this amaizing wonderful young dog . Thank you so much, Marion Unterforsthuber!

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24. 04. 2016

Didina found a home

Meanwhile, also find a home and wonderful people! Thank you so much, Alex Rexhäuser for adopting her!

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24. 04. 2016

Rody’s Odyssey !

Mother Lucy gave birth in a deserted courtyard and learned her puppy, Rody to beg for food on the street. They lived there with daddy Sparky till some people have begun tu build...

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15. 03. 2016

MARIS adopted in Germany

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22. 12. 2015

Saved and adopted

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30. 08. 2015
Miki, before and after eyes surgery.

Miki, before and after eyes surgery.

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13. 05. 2015


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04. 12. 2014

6 doggies and 1 Kitty travelling from Bucharest to Frankfurt

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04. 12. 2014

Little dog saved from the forrest

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12. 08. 2014

Sandy adopted in Germany

She was thrown into the woods, with no mercy, just because she was pregnant …the day I found her, she jumped into my car, begging me to save her. I love you my...

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